Tuesday 27 October 2009

Google Event

I was speaking at a Google seminar in Sheffield last week, the event was held at the new Electric Works building in the city and attended by 150 or so business people from the area.

The evening kicked off with an introduction from James Wilson of Creative Sheffield (the organisers of the event) who introduced Paul Scriven leader of Sheffield Council. Who must have one of the best email addresses I've ever seen - leader at sheffield .gov .uk. Then came the team from Google who talked about trends in online advertising, searching and how to create a good website in general.

Next it was my turn to get up and speak. I was there to talk about the business challenges we come across running MoreComputers.com and how we use our website and Google to overcome them. We use a lot of Google services including search, shopping and adwords. I was keen to help people see how we use them so they could relate to the theory from Google.

To round off the evening it was time for questions, some of which where aimed at me, so it was good to expand on what we do and how we do it. all in all it was a good evening and I'm hopeful we'll do something similar with Google soon.

Here's a link to the Google Event page on the Creative Sheffield site

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