Wednesday 14 October 2009

New look

Our site has had some major 'look and feel' developments and feedback so far has been very positive. We decided to do something different from the normal formula for online shops which all seem to follow a very similar format. In our new site we're trying to introduce our own graphical look, to hopefully make us a bit more memorable

At this stage in the development we've kept the features and functions of the previous site and tried to lay them out in a more logical way, whilst introducing the new design elements. Apologies if you find something has moved and it takes you a bit longer to find it again.

We do have a list of things to improve within the new design, not least making it more compatible with the older versions of Internet Explorer. The new design does work much better than past designs on Mac Safari.

It would be great to get your feedback on the new look or simple anything about the site. Please leave a comment here and I'll be sure to discuss it with the team.


  1. I was looking at monitors and several of which you say you have 100+ could not be found including the 'best seller' in your email. Not a very good advert for your new site!

  2. Really like the new site design good to see something different

  3. Hi Nigel, Sorry to here the monitors section didn't work the way you would of liked it to. The Samsung SM2343BW is on there, it's actually one of the featured products on the monitors first page. The problem with Samsung monitors is there's so many of them, 85 in stock when I just looked. The best thing to do is use the main search or select Samsung from the brand drop down then add SM2343BW as a keyword.

  4. Unlike the person who made the comment above I do like the way your site looks. BTW it would be more useful to tell morecomputers why you don't like it