Friday 26 August 2011

New Categories & Products!

Just a quick update on some new categories to the site this week. With all the hype around tablet devices we've now added a category into the Computers section that currently contains 40 Tablets with offerings from all the best known brands such as the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, HTC Flyer and many more. We've noticed some retailers listing these in their phone department, but we believe they are much more of a laptop/netbook replacement so that's where we've put them. The Phones section still contains all the unlocked Smartphones on the market. To see my tablet recommendations check out my personalised homepage here. And if you want your own personalised homepage go here.

We've also updated the TV & Audio section to better reflect the range of Home Cinema systems, Bluray and DVD Players we have on offer.

In Components we've recently added Coolermaster and Xigmatek brands. The fastest growing area in components seems to be Solid state Drives which now has around 100 drives in stock.

And finally don't forget there are over 1600 software titles available for download from the top games publishers right thru to Microsoft. So no waiting in for a box to be delivered !

Thursday 25 August 2011 is Go! is well and truly up and running. After waiting eagerly to find out what it was all about, and then being involved with all the initial tests and trials, I’m now set up on this unique social shopping concept.

So, how does it all work and what’s its appeal?

Getting started: says it is easy and takes “two minutes” to get started. Now “two minutes” can sometimes be seen as a figure of speech and not an actual literal timescale. Like when you’re picking up that friend who's never quite ready and they say, “I’ll only be two minutes”, when you know it’s really going to be a lot longer as they frantically apply make-up/hunt for their keys/try to get out of bed.....

However, I found up setting up on and customising my layout surprisingly simple, and it does actually take only two minutes. Less in fact, if you don’t spend 30 seconds deliberating which picture of yourself looks best to use.

This is great for those of us with short attention spans, as we can quickly get started with without having to go through tiresome box ticking and the nagging thought, “is this all going to be worth it?”.

What’s in store?: allows you to put your brand or your name on the award-winning MoreComputers site. You gain credit from every sale you make which you can then use to get money off when buying from their huge array of technology goods.

So, you’ve got your store, now what? First thing is, they’re not lying when they say there are tens of thousands of products. Thankfully, I found navigating my way through this myriad of technology goods simple as I could browse by category, price and manufacturer.

Then it’s up to you to recommend products and have a look around at what other people have picked out as key buys. The fact that you can see from users themselves what they think of products is crucial, as internet shopping has always seen consumers take note of testimonies.

Also, once you’re all set up, you can check out the hints and tips site for some excellent advice on how to get the best out of on

Who’s really going to be into this?:

Because has so many product ranges there is a lot to attract anyone who uses technology goods, but there are some specific user markets for whom the service could be particularly useful.

An example of this is photographers. Now I know photographers, and if you get four of them in a room together they will talk ad nauseum about new products, accessories, ISOs, SLRs and other more technical subjects. has hundreds of cameras and gadgets for photographers, but offering a platform for your own recommendations on products gives people the chance to become trusted sellers.

Schools and charities can also benefit from this as they gain a commission for every product sold which they can use themselves to buy IT equipment from

My verdict:

Whilst Social Shopping is not necessarily a new thing, there’s nothing out there like the concept have. Gaining credit on products you sell is innovative and very appealing. The service has the potential to move into other marketplaces too, and I’m pretty sure there’s more to come from in the future.

Overall, I have to say I’m mightily impressed! If you'd like to buy from TheLadyTron, click here!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

MoreFrom Launches Social Shopping Concept

The following press release has been circulated today with details of our MoreFrom.Me launch

Sheffield, UK. August 2nd 2011

MoreFrom group, owner of, announced today the launch of MoreFrom.Me, the first implementation of their 'From.Me' social shopping concept.

It's well documented that online shoppers love recommendations and independent reviews from fellow shoppers. Even better is a recommendation from a person the shopper knows. The people giving out the advice and the writing reviews are often forgotten, 'From.Me' gives these people the profile they deserve and rewards these unsung heroes of online shopping.

The From.Me concept is simple: personalise, promote and earn
  • An online retailer lets anyone set up set up a personalised 'from me' version of their website, in just a few easy clicks.
  • The 'From.Me-er' (as they become) can then use their new site when recommending and reviewing. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. is built in.
  • When people buy the recommended product, the From.Me-er is rewarded with credit to spend at the retailers store.

"We were looking for a way to reward our customers, especially those helping other shoppers and helping us promote our site. The From.Me concept became the answer. It's easy for our customers to do, costs them nothing and they earn credit for doing something they were already doing" said Chris Wheater MD of MoreFrom group. "We soon realised the From.Me concept would be attractive to a wide range of retailers".

Gadget enthusiasts, gamers, IT companies and charities are amongst those who received early invites and are already using their MoreFrom.Me. 1000s more have reserved their usernames and have just been given access.

"This is just the beginning of the From.Me idea, we have many more customisable features already being developed. It's created 'Me Commerce'. A network full of genuine customer opinions, other customers can trust, that are delivered in a highly personal way". Added Brian Trevaskiss Head of Marketing. "MoreFrom.Me takes the whole concept of Social Shopping and makes it a reality".

MoreFrom.Me is free and you can earn up to thirteen and a half percent in commission. The award winning customer service team processes all sales, deliveries and returns.


Please link to

  • MoreFrom group is a group of websites best known for and
  • sells over 100,000 products including computers, televisions, cameras, accessories, telephones, satNav, MP3 players and downloadable software
  • is rated as one of the best online retailers in the UK and is award winning:
  • Won PC Advisor Best Specialist online IT retailer 2011
  • Received six out of six stars for customer service in the PC Pro Awards 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • Won Best Online Retailer in the PC Pro Awards 2009
  • Won Retailer of the Year in the PriceRunner awards 2006
  • has a 94% customer service satisfaction rating, compared to the industry average of 85% (PC Pro magazine 2009 Service and Reliability Survey)
  • was founded by Chris Wheater and is headquartered in Sheffield

Further background is at

The press contact is Brian Trevaskiss on 0114 292 29 30