Monday 21 December 2009

5 tips for smart sale shopping - Is that bargain really a bargain?

For those looking for tips and advice on Sale shopping this year, Brian Trevaskiss of provides some shopping savvy tips to ensure you get the most out of the January Sales;

1. The 'guidelines' that govern 'was' and 'now only' prices in stores have become less clear in recent years. At one time a store had to have offered a product at the higher price for 28 days prior to showing a new lower price with a saving. These days many retailers interpret things differently and items that are half price may never have been sold at a higher price. So you need to check the 'current market price' and not be fooled by a huge saving that isn't real.

2. Owners of 'smart phones' like the Apple iphone have an advantage when it comes to checking the 'current market price'. There's a clever 'app' for that - when you're out and about in the sales and spot something that looks like a bargain, you can check the price there and then. Take a photo of the barcode and the 'app' will automatically look for search results on Google and comparison shopping sites and deliver the results to your phone instantly. You'll then know if the product in your hand is a true sale bargain or not.

3. Look out for 'loss leaders', most stores are prepared to lose money on one or two genuine reductions, just to pull in the crowds. Sign up to email newsletters and check voucher/coupon sites ahead of the sale start date to be sure you know what these are. You may also get advanced notice of sales and be able to beat the queues by shopping online. A lot of stores prefer to clear stock online than ship it around their actual shops.

4. If you miss out on the 'loss leaders' it might be worth waiting for the end of the sale when stores reduce prices further to clear stock. Don't be afraid to ask when a sale is due to end, most assistants will be able to tell you. This can also give you a chance to check online prices.

5. Don't be distracted by 'sale blindness' ask yourself would I still want this if it wasn't reduced? If you feel the urge - remind yourself that the reason the majority of products are in the sale is because no-one wanted to buy them at full price. It may be old stock or a piece of technology that simply doesn't work very well.

Wednesday 9 December 2009

More news in the news

Great start to the day today, my in box had three separate bits of More news coverage waiting for me to look at. The first one I looked at was my online shopping tips for Christmas in The Yorkshire Post that can be read below

Then both the Sheffield Star and the Creative Sheffield websites have featured our round up of the year and the launch of our new website.

Here's the links:
In the Sheffield Star:
Online retailer taps into new markets

On the Creative Sheffield website:
More from

It's nice to look back on what's been a fantastic year for More and to look forward to an exciting 2010.

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Tuesday 8 December 2009

Sony L11S1E/S - The Future is Here!

There is one product in particular which is selling like 'hot cakes' at the moment, many of our customers may have this in mind for the perfect Christmas gift or just upgrading their current set-up- I am taking ofcourse about the Sony L11S1E/S all in one desktop PC.

Enjoy a new family entertainment experience with multi-touch screen and it's Slim and stylish design saves space and can fit in any room. Not only is this product one of our best sellers, but it is on the PC Pro A-List and is great value for money. Along with a 500GB Hard Drive, 4GM of memory, Blu-Ray Drive and 3.0GHz Intel processor, the Sony L11S1E holds massive entertainment and work-related potential.

5/5 for me.
Danny at More

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Apprenticeship program

We're welcoming a couple of new recruits here in Sheffield this week. Emily and Anna have joined us on our new apprenticeship program. Both 17 years old and in their first 'real' jobs they'll be working on everything from sales and order processing to customer service and admin. It's great to be expanding the team and we're hoping these guys will be the first of many to join our apprentice program. Just don't mention Alan Sugar.