Wednesday, 4 December 2013

An open letter to Samsung and Google - Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy phones

The bungled 4.3 update for the Galaxy phones is turning out to be an excellent case study of how not to run a PR department and a Facebook social media campaign. Since the details emerged of the unfolding problems with the update there has been a stony silence from Samsung apart from a canned 4 line response on the Facebook page. Even when the national media picked up on the thousands of cries from disgruntled users there came no official response from Samsung.

In the recent Apple issue where the iPhone 5 was released with poor mapping software I recall a very public apology and plan of action unveiled by the CEO of Apple to address the situation. I recently read that this ultimately resulted in far better mapping software due to the subsequent user contribution to map details provided by loyal iPhone owners.

Samsung clearly have a plan to be one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world. But if they hope to combat the incredible brand loyalty of Apple users then they really have a hard lesson to learn in Public Relations. I am no Apple fan but I really don't think I would have been left for 3 weeks with a useless £500 phone if a similar update had been released by Apple.

As for the Samsung Facebook page, this really is beyond hope. 3 weeks of constant complaints and gripes is no way to promote your products and brand. A recent Xmas promotion to ask the community which Samsung product they wanted for Xmas was completely mobbed with sarcastic remarks and suggestions of competitor products. What did they expect? Without a major and ongoing effort to communicate, explain and reassure owners of what caused the problem and how it is being resolved with some kind of hope for the thousands of disgruntled owners then this page is now just a GIANT embarrassment for Samsung. For such a huge global brand this shows incredible naivety and demonstrates that whilst their never ending product launches have raced ahead of their competitors, the rest of the company is lagging behind in how to manage and keep a huge user base happy and loyal. Samsung are clearly at the beginning of their journey in terms of developing brand longevity but unless serious action is taken to start "loving" their customers the Samsung brand could easily go the way of Nokia. Keeping on top of a global brand and its millions of users is no easy task but compared to Apple, Samsung are looking like complete amateurs.

And the problem does not stop with Samsung. As Google's biggest handset manufacturer this mess is shining a spotlight on the potential problems of the Open Source Android ecosystem and the problems that can result when different manufacturers cannibalise the system with their own user interfaces and add-ons. I have been a big fan of Android to date but now realise how fragile things can get when poor development and testing is applied by a manufacturer. The benefits of a well designed and controlled proprietary OS such as that provided by Apple can now be seen. So the whole Android project is weakened and discredited by this kind of mess. Google need to get involved and make sure Samsung realise what a bad advert this is for all current and potential Android users. How many iPhone users are laughing at the predicament that Samsung owners now find themselves in? How many Samsung owners will never trust Samsung or Android again? And how many iPhone users have now binned the idea of switching to an Android phone? I have never owned an Apple product but this mess certainly makes me consider the option. The quote I continually hear from iPhone owners is a simple one "it just works". And right now that is just what Samsung users want.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Fix for Android 4.3 Update For Samsung Galaxy S3 Performance Issues

Like people all over the world have been affected by the recent Android 4.3 Update For Samsung Galaxy S3. After a lot of trial and error we've hit on a part fix and wanted to share it.

We've just disabled the Smart Stay and Smart Rotation Options - the performance is MUCH better and the lag is greatly reduced.

On your Samsung Galaxy S3 go to Settings > MyDevice (2nd option from the bottom) and disable these features.

Hope that helps you.


We've had some feedback from other S3 owners who understandably are trying anything to get their phones working. Here are their suggestions (We'll add to the list as and when we get new tips): Please post any successes or tips in the comments.

Switching lock screen off altogether seems to help

Disabling the 2X Battery app improved the lag noticeably

Disabling accuweather auto update

Disabling in Settings as many of the Samsung apps as possible improves performance by decreasing the memory footprint. It does look like these issues are mainly to do with memory management - the less free memory, the worse the problems.

Disable bloatware - people have found this article useful: apps safe to remove

Solves lock screen, gallery and music problems install the Kitkat home launcher

Go back to the previous version of Android How to downgrade Galaxy S3 back to Android 4.1.2: tutorial

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

About our new 'We Pay Our Tax' logo

It's a crazy situation to think we've had to do it but, we've added a "We Pay Our Tax" logo to this week. Why do we feel the need to do such a thing?
We Pay Our Tax logo

To be honest the frustration has been building for months and with the recent press Starbucks, Amazon and Google have been getting over their alleged tax avoidance we felt it was time to state our position.

Chances are you work for or run your own business here in the UK - one that pays it's corporation tax and charges VAT. The problem we have in running More Computers is that we are constantly competing with the massive international corporations who seem to be able to avoid paying their corporation tax. We are also competing with hundreds of small 'companies' (if you can call them that) who are collecting VAT but never forward it on to the VAT man.

It's a double edged sword that causes us a lot of pain. Our larger competitors have a 23% advantage - money they can invest back into their business or use to buy advertising. Then there are the smaller competitors who have a 20% VAT advantage - because they have no intention of passing on VAT.

A word of warning, you will not get a VAT invoice from many Amazon and Ebay traders, important if you are buying for your business.

So you might be thinking "Why should this bother me? As long as I get a cheap deal, that's all that matters". or thinking, "There's nothing I can do about it, it's the government who need to change the tax rules and work harder to catch the VAT/Tax dodgers". The government do need to change the rules and work harder, but in the meantime everyone in the UK is suffering as services are cut back due to the poor economic situation.

I don't have the the answer, I'll be the first to admit I've not researched the whole area as much as some people - but I do know that if the tax due on the 'real' profit made by big international corporations was paid at the same level smaller business like ours pay, there would be billions more being paid into the system.

Even more money could be added by making it difficult for rogue traders to avoid handing over VAT and stopping them folding one company to open a new one the next day (without any debt).

I appreciate it's hard to take a moral stand and choose to support UK businesses when you have to account for every penny of your dwindling funds. But if you can, we may all be a little better for it in the long run.

Rant over.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fill Your Stockings with a Galaxy Tab and earn £30-£50 Cashback this Christmas

With less than 8 weeks of shopping time left for Christmas 2012, why not treat your family to one of the latest gadgets and earn some cash back in the process? I blogged about a similar promotion back in September. This promotion was so successful last time around, Samsung decided to run a similar venture again.

Claims are valid for purchases between 24th October - 31st December, so if you have already purchased one, you'll have more money to spend on mince pies and sherry this Christmas.

Just like last month, I have created a promotion page conveying all Qualifying Products on the MoreFrom Site.

Whether you like to surf the web, listen to music, play games or even teach ABC's, this is a must buy. Tablet PC's are suitable for everybody, and Samsung are one of the most popular.

How do I claim my cash back?- Simple, just follow the below steps:

STEP 1 - Purchase one of the qualifying Samsung products from the MoreFrom Group

STEP 2 - Complete the claim form on the Samsung Website within 15 - 60 days from the date of purchase

STEP 3 -  Expect a Bank Transfer within 30 days of claiming.

As always, if you require any further information, contact Danny-