Tuesday 1 August 2017

Monitor Buyers Guide

Monitor Buyers Guide

There are numerous Monitors to choose from but which Monitor should you choose? That all depends on what you want to use the Monitor for. This small buyer’s guide may direct you into making your choice, whether you are looking to buy a gaming monitor or an everyday Work monitor, we will take you through a few things on what to lookout for.

This is probably the biggest question.., What Size? There are a few things to consider such as Desk Space and how your Computer will handle the increase in Screen Size.
An Example would be if you wanted to have multiple monitors on your desk then perhaps you would want to go for a smaller Size to fit. Something to keep in mind is that when choosing a larger Monitor you will want to make sure the Resolution is Higher to make sure the Image stays sharp. A 24” Monitor is Ideal at 1080P Resolution but a 27” is more ideal at 1440P. At morecomputers.com we have range of Panels from 17” Monitors to 32” Monitors.

There is a Range of Resolutions to choose from but which one will suit you? The Resolution of a Monitor is simple. The Higher the Resolution, the sharper the Image quality will be. Remember If the Screen is Large but the Resolution Low the image quality may appear Blurry.

Response Time
If you are not going to be using the Monitor for Gaming then Generally the Response time shouldn’t matter to you. If you are a Gamer it matters, the lower the Response time the quicker Pixels can display a change, resulting in much Smoother Gameplay.

Refresh Rate
The Refresh Rate is something that again..,  Gamers Care about and it is measured in Hertz (hz) 60hz/120hz/240hz. Put basically it is a measure of how many times a Monitor refreshes its image a second. The Higher the Hz  the better but only if your Graphical Processor can handle it.


I Hope this guide has helped sway your mind to what monitor would best suit you. If you are going to be using the Monitor for General everyday use or Office use then maybe a simple 1080P 21” Monitor will do you nicely. If you’re going to be more Gaming/Graphical Heavy or you just simply want a sharper larger Panel maybe a 24”-32” 1440P+ Monitor will be more your cup of tea. Have a Browse around of over 1000 Monitors at http://www.morecomputers.com/productlist.aspx?cat=Monitors

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