Friday 12 February 2010 launches UKs first Apple iPad store

News Release:

Innovative online retailer is all set to capitalise on the recent Apple iPad frenzy. On the evening Apple announced it's latest product (tipped to be as popular as the iPod) were quick to register the domain name They've now added a dedicated iPad web store, the first of it's kind in the UK, to their growing group of web sites.

It's the latest development of their multiple web site strategy explains Brian Trevaskiss "One website is not enough these days. Very few businesses have just one product they sell to one group of customers. It's more common to have many products or services and even more customer groups to target. It's very difficult to develop a site that targets a wide audience and offers thousands of products. if your customers don't see what they want straight away, they leave your site. You can't cover everything on one website, without causing confusion".

"We believe the solution is to introduce additional sites dedicated to smaller product groups or specific niche audiences. That's what we are doing with and the other 50 websites we now call the MoreFrom Group".

You'd imagine maintaining and updating 50 websites would require a lot of man hours and make a business more expensive to run, but Brian is keen to stress it's smart technology that takes most of the strain. "We operate in a very fast moving, low margin sector and all our costs need to be controlled tightly so we can offer low prices to our customers. A single database stores the information that is fed to the individual sites that are built on-the-fly. It's the flexibility of this design that will allow us to take advantage of 'the next big thing' as and when it happens".

The actual release of the iPad is still some weeks away but More's ability to react quickly means buy the time they are available their site will be relatively well established in the eyes of the search engines. Time moves rapidly online with one normal year said to be the equivalent of 7 online years - so it pays to act fast.