Tuesday 1 August 2017

Buyers Guide to Mice

Buyers Guide to Mice

Computer Mice alongside a keyboard are probably the most used peripheral on your computer.
Generally people tend not to be too bothered about what mice they are using and often do not change from the free mouse they may get with their computer.
So, what if you decide to replace your mouse, whether it’s to upgrade for gaming purposes or your old one has simply broken. It might be tempting to go for the cheapest replacement but this guide is here to shine some light on what mouse would be best suited for you.

Mice are available in ranges of shapes and sizes, smaller mice for kids and larger traditional mice for adults.
Generally this factor doesn’t matter for general use but what about people that work in a heavily computer based environment, that’s where ergonomic mice come in. These mice are designed to help ease the strain on the small muscles in your hand over time.
Although generally ergonomic mice are more expensive, they may be worth it for you if you are experiencing discomfort using your mouse.

Connection type
The two main types of connection are wireless and wired. Wireless mice are useful if there are times where you will be sat further away from your computer or you simply don’t want as many cables trailing around your desk.
On the other hand if the wireless mouse dis not chargeable via USB then you may find yourself going through a lot of batteries.

Wired mice are the more popular option but there are different types of connections for wired mice. One is PS2, this connection doesn’t support plug and play and requires a PS2 port on your computer (limits usability) the other Connection is the well-known USB port which supports plug and play and is widely used across numerous devices, not just your PC.

 DPI (Dots per inch)
The DPI in a mouse is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. The higher a Mouse’s DPI, the further the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. This is a factor to look at if you are a gamer and want that bit more accuracy and option of sensitivity.

Programmable buttons
Programmable buttons are more useful for gamers because they enable you to map buttons to your mouse to enhance your gaming experience and open up more options. As for general use they can be used outside of gaming to make certain tasks easier but mice with programmable buttons tend to be more expensive than a mouse without.
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