Friday 26 August 2011

New Categories & Products!

Just a quick update on some new categories to the site this week. With all the hype around tablet devices we've now added a category into the Computers section that currently contains 40 Tablets with offerings from all the best known brands such as the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, HTC Flyer and many more. We've noticed some retailers listing these in their phone department, but we believe they are much more of a laptop/netbook replacement so that's where we've put them. The Phones section still contains all the unlocked Smartphones on the market. To see my tablet recommendations check out my personalised homepage here. And if you want your own personalised homepage go here.

We've also updated the TV & Audio section to better reflect the range of Home Cinema systems, Bluray and DVD Players we have on offer.

In Components we've recently added Coolermaster and Xigmatek brands. The fastest growing area in components seems to be Solid state Drives which now has around 100 drives in stock.

And finally don't forget there are over 1600 software titles available for download from the top games publishers right thru to Microsoft. So no waiting in for a box to be delivered !

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