Thursday 1 September 2011

The Price You See = The Price You Pay

You may have seen that credit card surcharges are in news again. Which? say 'Consumers are paying £265k a day in airline card surcharges' and on BBC news 'Debit card surcharges must go' has over 150 comments.

The trend in tech retail to hide credit card surcharges, delivery costs and even VAT seems to be continuing. If anything it's getting worse. So much so, we need to stress even more that all our prices include everything - The price you see is the price you pay!

If you visit our sites you'll notice we've added a large 'No Credit Card Fees' sticker and every product page carries the line 'The Price You See = The Price You Pay'. We've done this so when people visit our site comparing our prices, they'll hopefully realise we're showing the total, final price.

We believe all retailers should be upfront about pricing and delivery charges, and the total price of a purchase should be made clear before a customer enter the checkout. Being sneaky about extra charges or only revealing them at the last possible moment is something certain retailers, even big well know names seem happy to do. Not us! Some retailers will add 1.5% as a credit card surcharge, right at the last minute, after you've entered all your details.

and another thing (to finish off my rant) watch out for retailers who'll charge you 10p per minute to telephone them. Even if it's to solve a problem they've caused! Then to annoy you even more they'll play you adverts while you're paying!

Thanks for listening, I feel better now.

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