Thursday 15 October 2009

Windows 7 upgrades

If you have purchased a new PC or Laptop after June 26th 2009 (or are planning to purchase - up to January 31st 2010) with Windows Vista (Home Premium, Business or Ultimate), then you may be entitled to the ´FREE´ Windows 7 Upgrade Option.

Windows 7 becomes available on October 22nd 2009 so any upgrade will be available after this date. Please note that some models may not be eligible for the upgrade offer, please check with the manufacturer before purchase. You can order your Windows 7 Upgrade kit from the manufacturers.

Here's a list of links to the right pages on the manufacturers websites:

Lenovo Windows 7 upgrade
Windows 7 upgrade
Sony Vaio Windows 7 upgrade
Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade
HP Windows 7 upgrade
Fujitsu Windows 7 upgrade
Asus Windows 7 upgrade
Acer Windows 7 upgrade


  1. Thanks for this really good information. Good luck with the new blog

  2. Have heard awful comments about the Vista system, bought my laptop just over a year ago and was advised not to go to Vista- is Windows 7 better or should I wait ??


  3. It's the million dollar question (literally if you happen to own Microsoft). It's early days but there's certainly not been the negativity that came with Vista. Take a look at this PC Pro review, it should help you decide.