Monday 2 November 2009

New Specification filter

The latest addition to the site is our new Specification filter. Now when you're browsing our site and you select a sub category, 'Notebooks' for example you have the option to look at just the notebooks with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. You could then pick just notebooks with a 15.4 inch screen. Get the idea?

Basically the new Specification filter lets you filter out the products you want to look at. It's not just on notebooks either, it works on all the sub categories that have specifications to select from.

Shopping for external hard drives is another good example. You can now just pick the disk capacity, say 1000GB and just look at the one you want to consider.

We're still labelling this new feature as 'Beta' because we know there will be improvements to make, so be sure and send us some feedback.

1 comment:

  1. works quite well, some of the sections have lots of options to choose from. Motherboard options are really useful.