Friday 14 September 2012

Thanks for your votes! We won Best Online Retailer 2012!

PC Pro Editor Barry Collins presents Brian Trevaskiss with the award
The results of the 2012 PC Pro Excellence Awards have just been published and we're more than happy to say "We Won - Again"! We'd also like to say a big, big thank you to everyone who bought from us then completed the PC Pro Awards Survey - we're really pleased with our scores.
  • Customer Service 94%
  • Delivery 96%
  • Satisfaction 93%
  • Overall 94%
If you're not familiar with the PC Pro Awards, here's how PC Pro describe them:

"When spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on IT equipment, you want to trust the companies from which you're buying. The PC Pro Excellence Awards give the firmest possible indication of which deserve your custom. More than 11,000 readers voted in this year’s survey. Each of our 20 awards are 100% reader voted – nobody buys their way onto a shortlist or is excused if they finish bottom. The result is a body of experience and opinion you can trust when you next buy a laptop, tablet or digital camera".

It really is worth looking at the full results for the awards - it's a great way to see which brands and companies shoppers rate and which one's you might want to avoid.

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