Monday 18 July 2011

Customers come first for MoreFrom.Me

Today was the day we officially told the world the name of our secret project. But we told our customers a couple of days ago to give them the chance to get in first.

We've been talking about our new project for some months (code named Project Chameleon), so it was genuinely exciting to be able to use it's real name, MoreFrom.Me, for the first time in public today. But why tell our customers about it before anyone else?

I'm still not going to give anything away as to what MoreFrom.Me is, but a major part of it is having a MoreFrom.Me name or username. As the name suggests, it's all about you. The name you pick becomes your URL, so it's great to grab the username you use the most, the one everyone knows you by. There's nothing worse than entering your name on a site only to find it's been taken already.

With all this in mind we decided we'd give our fantastic customers the chance to grab their favourite user names first. They also get the chance to reserve the desirable first names and single letters. Seems only fair to give the people who've supported us so far the chance to bag those cherished names.

Having said all that it's still early days and there's plenty of usernames left, so go reserve yours now at


  1. Since I've no idea what this is about, I used a rather formal username. Perhaps I should have used an informal one that I use a lot online. Some clue might have helped here without giving the game away.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, It's a good point and we did have a dilemma when deciding how much to say. We opted for saying very little, to add to the mystery. We did give a few tips in the email we sent to our customers (there's a link in the blog post above). I'll drop the tips in here to help any other readers:

    Here's a tip, you're in first so you can grab just your first name if you'd like to.

    Here's another tip, you can involve social networking with this idea, so you might want to use the name you're known as in places like Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Lack of information is not really mystery. People have to know what they are registering for ...

  4. We'll be opening the whole thing up soon, with lots of information.