Thursday 21 July 2011

3 Weird and Wacky Innovations

As one of my tasks whilst undergoing my work experience placement, I was asked to scour for the most unusual and completely ridiculous things I could find. So, here you have it, my top 3 perplexing, interesting and on the other hand, plain daft products:

This CCTV camera is perfect for catching unsuspecting troublemakers in the act. The very realistic design is a perfect disguise to hide it in any office, shop or school. Unfortunately, it does not give the wrong-doers a soaking but is a great novelty product none-the-less.
Just because the design is so cunning, don't think for one second that the spec is any less impressive...
It records in colour, the quality being decent too. Also, it can plug straight into any TV meaning that you need no 'middleman' products and makes the set-up very simple.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a drop of water?
Now you can spend an enthralling day-in-the-life of a water droplet, facing all it's challenges, with every-day objects becoming your worst enemy:
  • Avoiding being absorbed by tablecloths, flour and scattered cake crumbs
  • Balancing on sizzling vegetables, avoiding vaporisation from the heat of a deadly frying pan
  • Escaping from deadly thirsty cockroaches during a Mexican party

This extremely odd and pointless game completely baffles me, but may be a great way for your children to be introduced to the world of physics (?).
Visit the i-Fluid official site for more details.

This relatively new and unique piece of kit takes the world of mouses into a new dimension, literally!
You can now explore the depths of your PC. This is a great product, especially for animators and such like. They can fully enjoy the 3D graphics they've created and explore cityscapes as if you are actually living in your computer.

This product may be quite irrelevant and pointless to common people like myself but is a great way to explore and fully immerse yourself in all your 3D creations.

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  1. It's Elliot's last day with us today, I'd just like to say it's been a pleasure working alongside him these last two weeks. I hope you'll agree for a young man of 15 he's showing some writing promise. I wish him the best of luck for his future (but I get the feeling he'll be fine whichever way his luck goes).