Wednesday 17 November 2010

Sony Vaio Z12 & Z13

Sony Vaio's are good but they are expensive and this new range is no exception.

I do like Sony Vaio's. I had the misfortune of working (albeit fairly briefly) for a very cross-tempered multi-millionaire who would only use top of the range Vaio's and by proxy I would get one.

I'll admit it was nice to get my hot little hands on something more expensive than the run of the mill corporate laptops and have a bit more power / functionality. Whilst based out in Spain for the work it was useful in my apartment to use in the absence of a TV to watch films. It was a good work laptop, reliable, sturdy and reasonably good-looking.

This new generation of Vaios takes it to the next level. I reviewed the Z12 and since that the Z13 has arrived. Now, I'll hit you with the painful bit. Without knowing anything about the product first, the price will make you do a hasty and sharp intake of breath, quickly followed by a long slow whistle.

But give it a chance and you'll perhaps realise it is no different to fanbois of Mac products spanking extra cash for that something special.

It's quick. I mean frighteningly quick. Turn it on, you practically blink and it's ready to go. Opening applications and using the internet (depending on your connection speed of course) is a dream. Although through experience I appreciate most new equipment is quick whilst uncluttered by apps and programmes etc.

It's disturbingly light and whilst I personally feel not as good looking as some kit, it's still attractive in a very aluminium, carbon fibre masculine to the 'nth degree sort of way.

The screen is superb and just shy of HD quality, the keypad a little odd-looking but user friendly and the very slim screen seems to bear some tenuous link to russian gymnasts. It's a very flexible ultraportable.

For a more detailed technical specification visit the dedicated MoreFrom page or the PCPro review. Also look out for the Sony 'VAT back' offer, we think it's pretty darn good!!

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