Tuesday 10 August 2010

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Love them or loathe them social networks have become a part of modern life and it's about time the MoreFrom Group joined the conversation. Over the last few weeks I've set up a Twitter account and made our first Facebook page. I'd like to think that by using these social networks (and this blog) we can start to have a two way dialogue with our customers (if of course you'd like to talk to us). I've started to post snippets of what we're up to here day to day and my ongoing plan is to share information I hope you'll think is worth reading.

You can expect to hear about new technology and new products and the odd offer and competition. I'll also be sharing any information I think small businesses will find useful, especially help and advice to make your website work harder. I like to think we're pretty good and developing websites and getting traffic to them, so I'm looking forward to sharing that knowledge with the many small businesses and entrepreneurs we have as customers.

Let's not forget about our tech analyst TheLadyTron, Clare already tweets about what's new in the world of tech and when she's reviewed any new products. Follow TheLadyTron for her totally honest opinion - she tells it like it is.

So If Facebook is your preferred method of communication these days add More FromGroup to your list of friends. If you prefer Twitter, please follow MoreFromGroup. And if you're really feeling sociable do both!

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