Thursday 2 June 2011

A Round Up Of This Weeks Tech News

This week has already seen some very interesting goings on in the technology world. Nokia are in financial trouble, and rumours about Twitter's latest developments are making the rounds. However, in amongst the media frenzy lies some very cool and some quite pointless gadgets. Here are my favourites;

GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage
This GoFlex Wireless storage device allows you to store and stream movies, music and images to up to three WiFi devices at the same time. Targeted at Tablet users, families who entertain their kids as they travel and people on the go, it is light weight, has a USB port and can be easily charged in the car. Sounds great, but is anyone else wondering what happens if you have more than three kids that all want to hook up to phones, iPads and laptops? Someone's bound to come across this issue at some point surely?

Folding Electric Scooter
The race is on in the motoring industry to see who can develop the fastest and most reliable electric vehicle. Not quite leading the way, but sneaking up from behind is this Folding Electric Scooter from Lit Motors. Not only is it carbon friendly and folds down to half its size, it is also suitable for carrying a large box or in this case a person. They hope to release this in the US later on this year, so if we are to see it in the UK, at a guess I wouldn't expect to see it on the shelves until early on next year.

Asus Padfone

Over the past few weeks I have been both excited and saddened by the Bento Book by Rene Woo-Ram Lee. Excited because it is such a genius concept, but saddened by the fact that at present it remains just that, a concept. So, imagine my amazement when I cam across the Asus Padfone, which is beyond just a normal Tablet, it is a Tablet and a Smartphone combined. Yes, really - the Smartphone simply slots into the back of the Tablet like a cassette and will all run off the latest version of Android - even better.

My only issue with both of these concepts, if I'm honest, is what happens when the phone rings? Think about it. Do you use the Tablet as a phone, or take it out and lose where you are at. This aside, I still wouldn't mind giving one of these a try, preferably the Bento Book, but until then the Padfone will have to do.

Pointless Technology
Bringing a whole knew meaning to the term "you snooze, you lose", this pointless gadget shreds your hard earned cash as you catch a few extra zzzzz's in the morning. I can categorically say that this is one gadget I would not like to test out. Who in their right mind would chose willingly to shred their money, seriously?

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