Wednesday 11 May 2011

We're supporting the Which? surcharges super complaint

Continuing our crusade against hidden charges we have at last been joined by consumer watchdog Which? who have launched a ‘super complaint’ against hidden credit card charges. A super complaint is made to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and can be made about any market that is not working properly for consumers. As consumers are not in the position to overcome this issue themselves, Which? have issued a super complaint on behalf of all consumers.

We’ve been championing this cause for many years with our “Philfing” campaign. “Purposefully Hiding what you are Looking For”, where retailers hide extra charges such as delivery and credit card charges in order to display what seems to be a cheap price.

The MoreFrom group sites have no credit card or other surcharges, but many of our competitors continue to hide extra charges until late in their checkout process in the hope that customers will complete their purchase regardless or assume that all retailers do the same. The price comparison sites are also poor at pointing out these differences and unscrupulous retailers simply play the game of advertising low prices to get consumers to their sites where they are then hit with extra charges.

WE DON’T DO THIS ! The price you see on our product page it the price you actually pay and our standard delivery is FREE, regardless of how much you spend.

So next time you are comparing prices, remember...

MoreComputers prices have no hidden charges

Take a look at the Which? Super Complaint web page for more details.

In the coming months we'll also be revisiting our online shopping annoyances survey to see if anything has really changed. More details on this soon.

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