Saturday 11 December 2010

'Zut Alors!' - Ben the Bodyguard

Sometimes, just sometimes you stumble across something so cool you're compelled to write about it. I don't even care that the actual app is as dull as dishwater.

That's kind of the point though and I think this is what David Zax (and all the other journo's and bloggers) miss in his article on the Fast Company website. There is stuff out there, that has a purpose, is necessary and useful but is mind-numbingly and soul-destroyingly dull.

Nobody really wants to discuss finance, legal issues or burglar alarms. What they do want is to avoid huge tax bills, jail or their property being broken into.

This is a big part of the challenge for company heads, marketers and PR's today. How do you get companies with not very exciting products, services or applications heard above all of the noise of the internet?

Well I think Nerd Communications have just shown us how. They've caused a media storm, an online phenomenon and I'm quietly (or not so quietly) sitting here, waiting to see what they do next. I will also check out the app when it arrives. I may even use it and it might even be useful, 'Zut Alors!'.

I also love the laissez-faire attitude of Stefan Telegdy, Chief Nerd (according to David Zax, that's what his business card actually says!). At the end of the day it's easy to see they are super-talented and probably live, breath and eat this stuff.

This just demonstrates what happens when hard-work and talent without pomp and assumption comes into the playground that is the internet. How else would this app have got so much attention?

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